Liquid high and low temperature impact test chamber

Liquid high and low temperature impact test chamber

The high and low temperature shock test chamber (thermal shock test chamber) is divided into a three-box thermal shock test box and a two-box thermal shock test box. They are mainly used for metal, plastic, electronic batteries, earphones, mobile phones, rubber, LED, home appliances, scientific research, advanced Testing equipment for materials industries such as colleges and universities.


Features of high and low temperature shock test chamber 

1. Using color Chinese and English 10-inch LCD touch-sensitive graphic control interface, easy to operate.

2. The equipment is divided into three parts: high temperature area, low temperature area and test area, and the box in each area adopts a unique thermal insulation structure.

3. The impact method uses the air path switching method to introduce the temperature into the test area, and do the cold and heat shock test.

4. When subjected to high temperature shock or low temperature shock, the maximum time can reach 9999 minutes, and the maximum cycle period can reach 9999 times. The system can be used for automatic cycle impact or manual selective impact and can set two or three-zone impact and cold and hot punch start.

5. The cooling adopts a binary refrigeration system, the cooling effect is fast, and the cooling method is air-cooled or water-cooled. "

Test standards for high and low temperature shock test chamber 

1. GB/T2423.1-2001 low temperature test method;

2. GB/T2423.2-2001;

3. GB/T2423.22-1989 temperature change test N;

4. National military standard GJB150.3-86;

5. National military standard GJB150.4-86;

6. National military standard GJB150.5-86;

7. GJB150.5-86 temperature shock test;

8. GJB360.7-87 temperature shock test;

9. GJB367.2-87405 temperature shock test;

10. SJ/T10187-91Y73 series temperature change test box - one box type;

11. SJ/T10186-91Y73 series temperature change test chamber - two-box type;

12. Meet the standard IEC68-2-14_Test method N_Temperature change;

10. GB/T2424.13-2002 test method temperature change test guide;

11. GB/T2423.22-2002 temperature change;

12. QC/T17-92 General rules for weather resistance test of auto parts;

13. EIA364-32 Thermal Shock (Temperature Cycling) Test Procedure for Environmental Impact Assessment of Electrical Connectors and Sockets.

Parameters of  high and low temperature shock test chamber

Sample cage size (cm)W15×H15×D15W20×H15×D20W30×H20×D30
Sample weight2(kg) or user specified
Temperature rangeHigh temperature tankHigh temperature range: RT (normal temperature)~+150℃
Preheating time: RT~150℃ about 30 minutes
cryogenic tankLow temperature range: RT (normal temperature) to -65℃
Pre-cooling time: RT~-65℃ about 85 minutes
Experimental mediumSilicone oil / refrigerant / glycol / water (choose one out of four)
Drive modeMechanical drive, automatic up and down, left and right displacement
Exchange time10 seconds or agreed
Control precision±0.5℃
Materialinner boxSUS#304 stainless steel
Outer boxPowder paint or stainless steel
Cooling SystemCascade; fully hermetic or semi-hermetic compressor, environmentally friendly refrigerant (R404A/R23)
Control SystemTrue color LCD Chinese and English page touch controller
AccessoriesObservation window, lead hole; ¢50mm 1
Mains powerAC380±5%V /50±0.5Hz /3-phase 5-wire / 2.5m long


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