Horizontal digital display spring torsion testing machine

Horizontal digital display spring torsion testing machine

The horizontal digital display spring torsion testing machine is mainly used for the torque detection of springs and elastic components. The test parts are installed between the clamps with adjustable space, and by changing the clamps, it can adapt to the test of different torsional mechanical properties of the tested parts.


Features of Horizontal digital display spring torsion testing machine

1. Real-time display of torque, peak value, torsion angle and curve;

2. With peak hold: the test torque gradually increases from 0, the system defaults to the start of a new test, and automatically records the peak value of this test;

3. The control method is simple, suitable not only for accurate measurement in the laboratory, but also for batch testing in the production line; 4. Up to 10 test points can be set;

5. It can realize two functions of constant torque measuring torsion angle and constant torsion angle measuring torque

6. The large LCD screen displays the torque and torsion angle curves synchronously, which can visualize the mechanical properties of the torsion spring;

7. With sensor overload protection: in order to protect the safety of the sensor and mechanical parts, when the torque received by the sensor reaches the set torque upper limit, the buzzer alarms;

8. A maximum of 50 sets of data can be stored, and data such as torque and torsion angle can be queried and printed;

9. Manual loading, optional left and right rotation, simple operation, fast detection speed and convenient clamping;

10. 320*240 pixel LCD screen display.

Parameters of Horizontal digital display spring torsion testing machine

Maximum test torque10Nm20Nm50Nm100Nm200Nm
Testing machine levelLevel 1.0/Level 0.5
Torque Min Reading0.001/0.01/0.1Nm
Torsional angle minimum reading value0.1°
Relative error of torque indication≤±1%
Torque indication repeatability relative error≤±1%
Test stroke300 or 500 (mm) can be customized
speed control range0.1-720°/min
Speed control accuracy±1%
Testing machine levelLevel1
Protective functionMechanical, program double protection

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