Frame vibration testing machine

Frame vibration testing machine

This testing machine is designed for the vertical vibration test standard of the bicycle frame. After the bicycle frame is installed on the fixture of this testing machine and fixed, it is subjected to fatigue force of a certain frequency, load and number of tests.


Parameters of Frame vibration testing machine

Load85kg or specified
Maximum applicable frame wheel500-1200MM
Eccentric cam25.4mm
Power source2 DC motors
Vibration amplitude0~30MM
Test frequency6~10Hz adjustable
Test speed0~100RPM
Electronic controlTwo traditional (Omron, Schneider, etc.) six-digit counters, the number of vibrations can be set
Dimensions (W*D*H)Mainframe 2200×700×1900
Weight (approx.)320KG
Power supplyAC380V, 15A
weight (load)100kg

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