Frame rear triangle fatigue testing machine

Frame rear triangle fatigue testing machine

The structure of the bicycle is divided into basic parts and auxiliary parts. Basic components: frame, front fork, handlebar, front and rear axle, chain, flywheel, saddle, brake and other 16 components. Auxiliary parts: chain cover, hanger, bracket, car bell, car lock and other 9 parts. The above structures can be tested with the corresponding testing machine in a targeted manner.


Parameters of Frame rear triangle fatigue testing machine

Applicable frame12”~29”
Power Control Accuracy±1% (static) 0~+5% (dynamic)
Test frequency0~5Hz adjustable
Test angle0~10° adjustable
Load cell capacity250kgf
Test force500~1500N adjustable
Display methodFull computer digital display
Way to controlPneumatic servo control
Test count0~999,999 times can be set
Gas source7kgf per cm2
Power supply220V50Hz

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