Frame dynamic tread force fatigue testing machine

Frame dynamic tread force fatigue testing machine

This testing machine is designed for the fatigue resistance test standard of bicycle frame. It adopts double electric cylinder to exert force. After the bicycle frame is installed on the fixture of this testing machine and fixed, it is subjected to fatigue force of a certain frequency , load and number of tests. After the test is completed, it is judged by checking the degree of damage to the sample. The adjustment position locking screw adopts quick release type, which is easy to operate, and the adjustment position adopts screw adjustment.


Parameters of Frame dynamic tread force fatigue testing machine

Capacity(kgf)500kgf x 2 sets
Test force value accuracy±5%
Maximum working amplitude (mm)±100
Motion detectorLVDT accuracy ±0.01mm
Power sourceElectric cylinder control
Frequency Range1HZ-15HZ adjustable
Software interfaceFeihong control system
Dimensions (W*D*H)Host 195*45*90(cm)
Weight (approx.)160KG
Power supplyAC220V, 15A

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