Foam drop ball rebound tester

Foam drop ball rebound tester


The sponge rebound coefficient tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB/T6670-2008, and conforms to ASTM D3574 and ISO8307 test standards. It also conforms to the test method of Japanese car seat cushion with ammonia and ethyl formate foam SESN3296; it is used to measure sponge, foam, Instruments designed for soft materials such as rubber. Mainly drop the steel ball freely on the flexible foam plastic or other elastic material sample. The instrument for measuring its rebound height is mainly used to measure the rebound performance (rebound coefficient) observer in the polyurethane single-sex material test project.

Parameters of  Foam drop ball rebound tester

voltage220V 50HZ;
Instrument test resolution1/10000 second
Spring coefficient measuring range25%-80%
Falling Ball Rebound Rate Accuracy<1.5%;
Ball falling distance460+0.5%mm (National Standard) 500+0.5%mm (American Standard)
Steel ball diameter¢16-0.05mm
Automatic calculation of average rebound height
Automatic calculation of average springback configuration

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