Touch Salt Spray Test Chamber

Touch Salt Spray Test Chamber

The salt water spray tester is used to test the corrosion resistance of various materials after surface treatment, including coatings, electroplating, organic and inorganic films, anodizing, anti-rust oil and other anti-corrosion treatments.


Features of Large salt spray test room

1. Due to the adoption of the new intelligent salt spray testing machine, the printed circuit board is used to solve the problem that the relay circuit of the old salt spray testing machine is prone to line failure.

2. The temperature sensor adopts the original Japanese imported digital sensor chip, which will not decay after ten years of use. The old models mostly use PT-100 and K type. With the extension of the service life, most of the sensors will be inaccurate. If no calibration is used If so, it will cause great harm to the test.

3. The new salt spray testing machine integrates programmable, continuous/interval spraying, manual/automatic mode. Under this collection of various modes, it can basically meet all the current standards for salt spray testing machines, so that customers do not have to worry about the selection of salt spray testing machines.

Parameters of Large salt spray test room



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