Salt-dry-wet composite salt spray test chamber

Salt-dry-wet composite salt spray test chamber

The composite temperature, humidity and salt spray test is the closest to the actual natural conditions in the accelerated corrosion test. Fog, dry, humidity, standing at room temperature, low temperature and other environments are combined, and the program can be written arbitrarily or tested separately.

The main test items are for products used under severe environmental changes, such as automobile and motorcycle parts, aviation equipment, photographic equipment, building materials, electro-coating coatings, and electronic and electrical systems, etc. Metals are suitable for electrochemical corrosion resistance.


Features of Large salt spray test room

1. Adopt LCD digital display temperature and humidity controller. (Configure the temperature and humidity recorder to completely record the temperature and humidity test curve; this is an optional item)

2. 50-segment execution mode can be set, and each segment can be cross-grouped to execute the program.

3. The time of each execution mode can be arbitrarily set from 0-999 hours and 59 minutes.

4. Each group can arbitrarily set part of the cycle 1-999 times or all the loops 0-999 times.

5. With the power-off memory function, the unfinished test can be continued after the power is restored.

Parameters of Large salt spray test room

Test temperature5°C ~ +80°C 5°C ~ +80°C
Internal dimensions900x600x500 ( WxDxH ) M/M                1200x1000x500 (WxDxH) M/M
External dimensions1500x1000x1700 (WxDxH) M/M 1950x1200x1600 (WxDxH ) M/M
Volume270L 600L
Weight250KG 180KG
Humidity range60% ~ 95%RH                                            (temperature at RT+10t ~ 70b )                                                 60% ~ 95%RH
Salt spray temperature5°C ~ 50°C (CASS) 35°C (CASS50P)
Salt solution temperatureRT+10°C ~ 60°C
Dry air temperatureRT+10°C ~ 70°C 50°C
Power supplyAC380V 12A AC380V 10A


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