Hongjin HDMI HD Electron Optical Video Microscope

HDMI HD Electron Optical Video Microscope

This instrument has reliable performance, simple operation, convenient use, beautiful appearance, and a wide range of applications. It meets the inspection, measurement and analysis requirements of modern biology, medicine, environment, agriculture, forestry, chemical industry, public security, microelectronics, semiconductors and other fields. It is widely used in schools , bioengineering and scientific research, industrial assembly, test measurement and quality control.


● Comply with the international video 1080P standard, with a resolution of 1920*1080;

● Image sampling frame rate: 60fps/second high-speed image capture. No smear or delay phenomenon;

● Brand new color algorithm to ensure the true reproduction of image color;

● 8:8:8 --24bits true color image;

● HDMI pure digital high-definition output, support 16:9 display;

● Color can be adjusted independently, unique multi-level wide dynamic (HDR) function;

● With cross center line, movable line function superposition function;

● With edge enhancement mode. Improve special image effects;

Parameters of Hongjin HDMI HD Electron Optical Video Microscope


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