Formaldehyde emission pretreatment cabin

Formaldehyde emission pretreatment cabin

The formaldehyde emission test chamber is suitable for the determination of formaldehyde emission of various wood-based panels, composite wooden floors and other interior decoration materials, the constant temperature and humidity balance treatment of wood or wood-based panels, and the detection of volatile harmful gases in other building materials. The limited release of formaldehyde from interior decoration and decoration materials is a hot issue of environmental protection that all countries in the world are generally concerned about. Important indicators of quality are related to the impact of products on environmental pollution and human health. The test method of formaldehyde emission climate chamber is a standard method for the detection of formaldehyde emission of interior decoration and decoration materials widely used abroad.


Features of Formaldehyde climate box

♦ The wind speed adjustment inverter is installed at the rear of the box, with a recessed design, which is easy to protect;

  ♦ The diameter of the air outlet of the air plate is reduced, and the diameter is about 2-3mm, so as to avoid the formation of flowing air and raise the dust in the laboratory;

  ♦ There is an isolation layer between electrical loads to avoid mutual interference;

  ♦ The box body and the box door are filled with filling materials to ensure the slightest opening and closing sound of the box door.

  ♦ The door handle has excellent mechanical properties;

  ♦ The caster support triangular plate is thickened by 5mm to ensure the long-term durability of the box;

  ♦ The air outlet holes of the internal circulation fan blades are not convex, and the air ring is inlaid inside to ensure the overall appearance of the box;

  ♦ The box door adopts double sealing strips to ensure that the inner compartment is sealed and there is no air leakage;

  ♦ The position of the internal fan is adjusted accurately to ensure the accuracy of the test;

Parameters of Formaldehyde climate box


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