Formaldehyde climate box

Formaldehyde climate box

This product is suitable for the determination of formaldehyde emission of various wood-based panels, composite wood floors and interior decoration materials such as carpets, carpet pads and carpet adhesives, and the constant temperature and humidity balance treatment of wood or wood-based panels. It can also be used for volatilization in other building materials. Detection of sexually harmful gases. The biggest feature of this product is that it can simulate the indoor climate environment to the greatest extent, and the detection results are closer to the real environment, so it is true and reliable.


Features of Formaldehyde climate box

1. The inner cavity of the box is made of stainless steel, the surface is smooth and does not condense, and does not absorb formaldehyde, so as to ensure the detection accuracy. The constant temperature box is made of hard foam material, and the door is made of silicone rubber sealing strip, which has good thermal insulation performance and sealing performance. The box is equipped with a forced air circulation device (to form a circulating air flow) to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the box are balanced and consistent. This reduces energy consumption and reduces equipment equilibration time.

2. The 7-inch touch screen is used as the dialogue interface for personnel to operate the equipment, which is intuitive and convenient. It can directly set and digitally display the temperature, relative humidity, temperature compensation, dew point compensation, dew point deviation and temperature deviation in the box. It adopts imported sensors, and can automatically record and draw control curves. Configure special control software to realize system control, program setting, dynamic data display and historical data playback, fault recording, alarm setting and other functions.

3. The equipment adopts industrial modules and imported programmable controllers, which have good operation stability and reliability, which can ensure the long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment, improve the service life of the equipment, and reduce the operating cost of the equipment. And it has the function of fault self-checking and prompting, which is convenient for users to understand the operation of the equipment, and the maintenance is simple and convenient.

4. The control program and operation interface are optimized according to the relevant test standards, and the operation is simple and convenient.

5. Change the current reciprocating mist humidity control, and use the dew point method to control humidity, so that the humidity in the box changes smoothly, thereby greatly improving the humidity control accuracy.

6. The imported thin-film high-precision platinum resistance is used as the temperature sensor, with high precision and stable performance.

7. The heat exchanger with advanced technology is used in the box, which has high heat exchange efficiency and reduces temperature gradient.

8. The key components of compressors, temperature and humidity sensors, controllers, relays and other equipment are all imported components.

9. Protection device: The climate box and the dew point water tank have high and low temperature alarm protection measures and high and low water level alarm protection measures.

10. The whole machine is integrated and the structure is compact; it is very simple to install, debug and use.

Parameters of Formaldehyde climate box

Studio size (D*W*H)1000×800×1250(mm)
Temperature range15℃~40℃
Temperature meter resolution0.1℃
Humidity range30%~80%RH
Humidity Resolution0.1%RH
Temperature fluctuation≤±0.3℃
Temperature uniformity≤±1℃
Temperature deviation≤±0.5℃
Humidity deviation≤±3%RH
Studio wind speed0.1~0.3m/s (wind speed adjustable)
Power supplyTest electricity 380V, 50Hz, 18KW
Air replacement rate(0.2m³~1.5)m³/h, adjustment accuracy ±5% ventilation volume, continuously adjustable

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