Dust blowing test chamber

Dust blowing test chamber

This equipment is driven by a high-power fan to blow a certain concentration of sand and dust across the surface of the test sample at a certain flow rate, so as to evaluate the ability of these test samples (equipment) to prevent the penetration effect of dust particles when exposed to dry sand or dust-filled atmosphere. The ability of abrasive or blocking effect of grit and the ability to store and operate; at the same time, it can simulate the dust environment of low concentration and low wind speed. The target device can well simulate the high temperature bonding problem of the device or coating sample in the high temperature and dusty atmosphere. The data can be accurately read in each area (air duct entrance, sample surface, front and rear walls of the bottom plate, pipes), and the temperature can be adjusted in real time according to the needs; the wind speed, flow rate, furnace lighting, and fire viewing holes are specially made, and the heat is generated. The element adopts resistance wire, and can test the bonding condition of the resistance wire project, and the furnace lining and air supply pipes are all insulated.


Features of Dust blowing test chamber

1. The equipment is in the form of an overall frame (rotary) structure. The test box is located in the middle of the equipment, the fan is in the middle and rear of the equipment, the rotary circulating air duct is connected to the test device, the sand feeding device is located at the upper air outlet of the test box, and the temperature control and dehumidification system is located in In the lower back of the box, the instrument control system is located at the lower left of the test box.

2. The circulating air duct is equipped with heaters, dehumidifiers, etc.

3. There is an observation window on the box door. The test box is a single door and is sealed with double layers of high temperature resistance.

4. The outer wall of the test chamber and the cyclone air duct is made of cold-rolled steel plate after anti-rust treatment, and the inner wall is made of lightweight fire-resistant bricks. The frame is made of 5# channel steel after anti-rust treatment.

5. The control adopts intelligent controller (display includes: air outlet, return air outlet and inside the box)

6. Sand and dust air circulation device: circulating air duct and high-power mixed flow fan.

7. Satisfaction: blowing dust flow dust test

Parameters of Dust blowing test chamber




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