Double Door Sand And Dust Test Chamber

Double Door Sand And Dust Test Chamber

Dust-proof and dust-resistant tests are carried out for various auto parts. The main tests include floating dust and flowing dust. The test parts include lights, instruments, seat belts, seat adjusters, electrical dust jackets, steering system gear lever shafts, Door locks, etc., to test its dust-resistant actuation safety.


Features of Dust test chamber

1. Using a powerful dust spraying device, the user can independently control the conditions of floating dust 1, floating dust 2 and floating dust 3 on the panel.

2. The use of vibration equipment can make the dust concentration the same every time.

3. The precise dust concentration collector can reduce the miscalculation of concentration due to improper operation.

Parameters of Dust test chamber

External dimensions (WxDxH) cm60x60x6080x80x80100x100x100
Internal size (WxDxH) cm105x100x160125x120x180145x150x210
Test temperature20℃±15℃
Test humidity45%~85%RH
Time control0-999sec
Maximum power consumptionAC220V5KW



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