Direct pressure air tightness detector
Direct pressure air tightness detector
Direct pressure air tightness detector
Direct pressure air tightness detector
  • Direct pressure air tightness detector
  • Direct pressure air tightness detector
  • Direct pressure air tightness detector
  • Direct pressure air tightness detector

Direct pressure air tightness detector

Air tightness detector using compressed air detection, with the pressure drop method detection principle, through the same amount of air intake, pressure regulation, detection, through the detection of gas pressure, volume changes by precision tester PLC after a series of sampling, calculation, analysis to get its leakage rate, leakage value, the whole product testing process only a short ten seconds. It is mainly used for sealing test of packaging bags, bottles, tubes, cans and boxes in food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, daily chemical, automobile, electronic components, stationery, consumer electronics and other industries.



Intelligent sealing tester is a new type of high precision nondestructive testing equipment. It mainly uses compressed air as the medium, the inner cavity or surface of the product to be tested to apply a certain pressure, and then the use of high sensitivity sensor to detect the change of pressure, so as to determine the tightness of the product to be tested. Because it uses compressed air as the medium, there is no secondary pollution to the product, and the detection speed and accuracy are also better than that of water detection (air molecules are smaller than water molecules, and the leakage speed is faster), so it can be applied in the production line on a large scale. The instrument's convenient operation interface, economical and practical cost-effective in the market to win praise. The functional and performance parameters of the instrument can be 1 to meet the needs of the vast majority of customers.

Product features:

1. High precision: Imported pressure sensor combined with the company's independent research and development of high precision calculation and calculation module, high detection accuracy, comparable to the pressure differential sensor accuracy, compared with the pressure differential sensor detection range is larger.

2. A1 algorithm/human-computer interaction collects information of test products, obtains effective data link of samples through big data analysis, and makes intelligent judgment of test data automatically benchmarking database; Through a large number of user feedback information and practical analysis of the instrument operation process and interface to achieve convenient and simple, progressive setting, extremely simplified operation; Operation rights password protection, the detection and query to modify the rights of grading humanized design.

3. High stability/high efficiency: The self-developed gas path control component can improve ventilation efficiency, tightness and stability, and screen out the large leakage and micro leakage states respectively in the inflation/balance/pressure holding stage. The large leakage is determined in the inflation stage, and the micro leakage is determined in the pressure holding stage, and the test time is greatly saved.

4. Non-standard customization: With strong independent research and development ability, we have developed a number of special air tightness comprehensive functional testing equipment according to customer needs, providing one-stop solutions.


Direct pressure type (single channel, double channel, four channel, six channel, eight channel, multi-channel optional)
Pressure range1.0~100kpa/2.0-200kpa/3.0~600kpa/4.0~1Mpa/5.0-2Mpa (customizable)
External control signal2-way (customizable)
Applicable to productsOpen/test hole products
Detection methodInternal pressure test
Test mediumDry compressed air
accuracy0.2% F.S
Precision of pressure regulation0.2% F.S
Pressure unitК р а
Pressure regulation modemachinery
Parameter set10 groups
Time setting (s)999.9
I/O interfacesupport
Data storage capacity100,000 pieces
Air sourceGreater than the maximum test range
Input voltageAC220V 50HZ

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