Electronic Fingerprint Smart Lock Durability Testing Machine

Electronic Fingerprint Smart Lock Durability Testing Machine


The intelligent electronic lock life durability test device is used to conduct APP temporary key opening, fingerprint opening, key opening, Bluetooth opening, password opening, magnetic card opening and other simulated use behavior tests for electronic anti-theft locks and other products. Intelligent electronic lock life durability test The device uses the current advanced DELTA six-axis robot as the driving simulation to restore the actual unlocking scene. The entire structure of the mechanical arm is a space joint type with multiple degrees of freedom, which can accurately position the electronic lock under test. The mechanical arm is made of hard aluminum alloy material and is a hollow tube structure, which can not only ensure high rigidity of the arm, but also reduce the weight of the arm and the load of the motor. The control system sets and controls the action sequence of the servo motor by the PLC, and has both timing and counting functions. deal with.

Features of Electronic Fingerprint Smart Lock Durability Testing Machine

1. The DELTA six-axis robot is used for multi-dimensional operation, which can realistically simulate the movements of human arms and fingers;

2. Use highly elastic silicone instead of fingers to unlock fingerprints, with a wide range of fingerprints and a more realistic simulation effect;

3. Various types of anti-theft electronic locks, smart electronic locks, fingerprint locks and other products can be tested in one system

4. The system can test samples 24 hours a day without manual duty, which greatly improves the detection efficiency;

5. With power-off protection function, the test can be continued without manual intervention after power-on;

6. It can record the times and time of the switch experiment;

7. It has the functions of experiment times preset and experiment time preset;

8. With the function of experiment completion and error alarm;

9. One-time investment, low maintenance cost in the later period, and free software upgrade for life, which reduces the testing cost of the experiment;

10. The main components of the equipment, such as the drive motor, touch screen, PLC, frequency converter, force sensor, data acquisition card and other key components should be internationally renowned brands to improve the grade and reliability of the equipment and meet the requirements of relevant tests;

11. The accuracy requirements of various technical parameters such as equipment voltage, current, temperature, force value, frequency, etc. meet the requirements of CTL-251B;

Parameters of  Electronic Fingerprint Smart Lock Durability Testing Machine

Six-axis robot payload≤6Kg
Working radius (arm length)700mm
Repeatability±0.02 mms
beat period25/305/25
Installation methodFormal, Wall, Flip
Rated voltage220 V a.c. 50/60 Hz
rated power1.5kW
Testing frequency0~99999999 times can be preset
Test frequency0~20 times/min
control and operationPLC intelligent program + TFT LCD touch screen operation (with industrial computer control)
Device powerAC220V 50/60Hz

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