DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter

DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter


Differential scanning calorimeter, as a classical thermal analysis method of thermal effect under controllable programmed temperature, has been used in various occasions such as research and development, process optimization, quality control and failure analysis in the fields of various materials and chemistry. a wide range of applications.Using the DSC method, we can study the phase transition of inorganic materials, the melting of polymer materials, the crystallization process, the polymorphism of drugs, and the solid/liquid phase ratio of foods such as oils and fats. Measure physical and chemical changes related to heat, such as glass transition temperature, melting point, melting temperature, heat of crystallization and crystallization, heat of phase transition reaction, thermal stability of products, curing/crosslinking, oxidation induction period, etc.

Features of DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter

1. Brand new furnace structure, better resolution and resolution and baseline stability; 2. Using digital gas mass flowmeter to precisely control the purge gas flow, the data is directly recorded in the database;

3. The instrument can adopt two-way control (host control, software control), with friendly interface, simple operation and easy to use.

4. It has the characteristics of good repeatability and high accuracy, especially suitable for accurate measurement of specific heat. 5. The device is easy to calibrate, has a low melting point, is fast and reliable, and has a wide range of applications.

Parameters of  DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter

DSC range0~±500mW
Heating rate0.1~80℃/min
temperature repeatability±0.1℃
DSC resolution0.001mW
DSC sensitivity0.01mW
Curve sweepWarming scan
Gas flow0-200mL/min
Display method24bit color 7-inch LCD touch screen display
Parameter standardWith one-button calibration
Temperature rangeRoom temperature~600℃
Temperature resolution0.01℃
DSC noise0.001mW
DSC accuracy0.01mW
Temperature control methodHeating: Program control Constant temperature: Arbitrary setting
Atmosphere controlInstrument automatic switching
Gas pressure0.2MPa
Data interfaceStandard USB interface
Working powerAC 220V 50Hz or customized
BrandHong Jin

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