Crushed stone impact testing machine

Crushed stone impact testing machine

Mainly used to accurately reproduce the breaking phenomenon caused by splashing grit, suitable for cohesion failure test of outer coating, adhesion failure test of different layers in coating system, brittle thickness of hard glass material, anti-peeling resistance. Excellent coating thickness, plastic and glass anti-peeling, anti-collision, anti-wear testing and other related tests.


Features of Crushed stone impact testing machine

1. The air intake pipe of the gun is a high-pressure resistant pipe used for the air intake of the gun. It is a movable part and is easy to disassemble.

2. Where the high-pressure air in the mixing chamber is mixed with the medium (that is, when the medium falls, the compressed air passing through flows 

according to the direction of the airflow

3. The gun barrel is used to pass the mixed high-pressure air and medium to ensure the pressure, flow rate, flow, direction, etc. of the medium passing through

4. The feed port medium enters the mixing chamber through here, and the feeding state can also be observed here

5. The pressure verification tube is used to verify the size of the injection pressure value, and is connected with a pressure gauge

6. The installation of the gun is used for the installation of the gun, which is simple, fast and safe

Parameters of Crushed stone impact testing machine

Test environmental conditionsThe ambient temperature is 5~35℃, the relative humidity is ±85%RH, and there are samples in the test box
Pressure range0~1Mpa (adjustable)
Air slot volume136L
Inner diameter of gun barrel53mm
Sample Z largest sizeWidth≤195mmThickness≤35mmLength≤240mm
Noise valueNoise ≤ 130dba (operators need to wear protective earplugs and eye protection)
Operation modeSuitable for continuous operation
Test mediumPebbles, chilled cast iron grit and steel balls
feed rateAdjustment by pneumatic vibratory feeder
The whole frameAngle-adjustable collision chamber, 3D collision chamber, spray gun, pneumatic vibration feed port, collection box, electric control cabinet, PLC display

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