Clamshell life testing machine

Clamshell life testing machine

Four-station mobile phone clamshell life testing machine, suitable for mobile phones (mobile phones), electronic dictionaries, such as small consumer electronic products and parts of the opening life test.


Product features:

1, four-station mobile phone clamshell testing machine using liquid crystal touch human-machine interface, large interface intuitive and generous; 

The control part adopts PLC, reliable performance;

2. Due to the stepper motor drive, the Angle is accurate and convenient, and the power supply system is rectified, which greatly improves the service 

life and reliability of the machine circuit.

3, the machine because of the use of double motor drive on the simplex position, can truly simulate the action of the mobile phone in use.

4, this function simultaneously realizes the life test of four mobile phone clamshell, and does not interfere with each other, and also reflects the 

humanized design style in the program, so that the operator can learn.

Parameters of Clamshell life testing machine

The tilting angle can be set5~1800
Test speed5~60 times/min ±2 times
Count setting range1~999999
Machine size WxDxH650x420x410mm
Machine weight50kg
Power supply1∮, 220V, 5A or specified

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