Bicycle rim fatigue testing machine

Bicycle rim fatigue testing machine

Electric scooter tire road condition testing machine is suitable for electric scooter, scooter, inline skates and other product rollers to do roadblock dynamic durability test to simulate the reliability and safety of the product in actual use, and the test conditions need to meet the requirements of various standards The obstacle block, test speed, load, test time.


 Parameters of Bicycle rim fatigue testing machine

Drum diameterφ700 (steel)
ObstacleSteel, trapezoidal shape, size according to standard
Drum speed0.5m/s±5%
Testing time1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes
Test Clamping SpaceW1000*D300*H1200mm
Host volumeW1760*D920*H1650mm
Power supplyAC220V 15A

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