Bicycle pedal hub wear testing machine

Bicycle pedal hub wear testing machine

This machine is designed and manufactured according to the standard, install the foot pedal or the hub on the rotating shaft of the instrument, apply the load and select the set speed according to the specification requirements, perform continuous testing to reach the required set number of revolutions, and determine whether the sample is damaged or not or defect condition to ensure product quality assurance.


Parameters of Bicycle pedal hub wear testing machine

Test frequency0~120 times/min adjustable
Counter0~999999 set automatic stop
Counter (individually)Four groups of individual counts destroy stop counting
testing amount4
Weight30kg, 50kg, 65kg (combined)
Rotation accuracy±1 rpm
Power sourceInverter motor
Dimensions1523*850*1350mm length*width*height
Weight (approx.)300KG
Power supplyAC220V, 5A
Gas sourceCompressed air source

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