Bicycle Multifunctional Impact Tester

Bicycle Multifunctional Impact Tester

This testing machine is designed and manufactured according to the standard. It is suitable for impact test of bicycle components. It is suitable for front fork drop hammer impact, front fork frame combination drop hammer impact; front fork frame combination drop hammer impact, foot pedal horizontal, vertical, and corner hammer. Shock, handlebar combined shock, crank vertical shock and other test functions, the design of the testing machine is modular, the specifications, functions and uses meet the specifications, and the operation is safe.


Parameters of Bicycle Multifunctional Impact Tester

Impact heightMAX1500mm (can be set according to test requirements)
Height gaugeThe height can be adjusted according to the combination of mold and test piece
Impact mass15kg, 22.5kg can be reconfigured according to test requirements
Workbench area (W*H)60cm*180cm (frame)/60cm*60cm parts
Lift guideAdopt linear bearing + SUJ bearing shaft rail
Hammer triggerMechanical snap-type electromagnetic clutch device, double anti-fall
Modularized impact hammerReplace various impact hammers according to test specifications
Upper and lower limit deviceLifting upper limit, lower limit protection switch and positioning setting
Dimensions (W*D*H)Host 100cm×60cm×240(cm)
Weight (approx.)160KG
Power supplyAC220V, 15A

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