Bicycle handlebar fatigue testing machine

Bicycle handlebar fatigue testing machine

The electric bicycle handlebar riser bending strength testing machine is used to dynamically simulate the loading of the handlebar riser of the electric bicycle, control the cylinder movement through the computer output signal, and collect the force sensor signal to realize the simulation test process of the handlebar dynamic fatigue. Mainly used for the fatigue characteristic test of handlebars.


Parameters of Bicycle handlebar fatigue testing machine

Unit of strengthKG, IB, N, KN four units interchangeable
Maximum frequency20Hz
Maximum working amplitude (mm)±100
Test force accuracy1/200000
CounterFrom 0 to 999,999 times
Frequency Range1HZ-15HZ adjustable
Force Sensing Unit for Fatigue Testing50~500Kg
Dimensions (W*D*H)Host 1200×700×2000(cm)
Weight (approx.)420KG
Power supplyAC220V, 15A
Air source requirementsNeed to prepare 7Kg/cm² dry air source

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