Bicycle assist ratio test machine

Bicycle assist ratio test machine


Features of Bicycle assist ratio test machine

1. Test crank power and electric motor power at different speeds

2. The total power of the electric vehicle is tested at different slopes through the rear wheel loading damping test. Total power includes crank power and motor work.

3. The rear wheel adopts servo motor to load and damp, and the response is fast.

4. The crank is rotated by a servo motor, and the speed setting is flexible.

Calculation method:

P1=0.105×N×T P2’=0.278×V×F

P2=P2’+Pcl α=(P2-P1)÷P1

Note: P1=crank power P2’=total power

P2 = total power = crank power + motor power

α=(total power-crank power)/crank power

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